How To Save Money While Travelling

Travelling is the number one favourite past time for a lot of us, but it can get terrifyingly expensive. You might think that once you arrive, then money’s no longer an issue, but you can still save along the journey. So here are my top tips for how to save money while travelling!

  1. Pack lightly to save on baggage costs!
  2. Buy a rail pass to travel quickly and cheaply
  3. Use public transport but avoid taxis
  4. Travel by train/bus at nighttime instead
  5. Walk more often or rent a bicycle
  6. Compare flights and train ticket prices
  7. Research cheaper flight options

  1. Choose Airbnb over hotels!
  2. If you’re staying in a hotel, ask for a room with a microwave/kettle
  3. Stay with family or friends abroad
  4. Stay in a hostel or couch surf from place to place
  5. Go camping or stay in a caravan/holiday home
  6. Consider housesitting for someone in a different country
  7. Some hotel chains offer a points system which results in free stays

  1. Eat in places off the beaten track; they have better and cheaper food
  2. Buy local brand foods and snacks
  3. Go to a supermarket and make your own meals at home
  4. Bring snacks and bottled water with you every day
  5. Drink tap water if safe
  6. Cut back on fancy teas and coffees
  7. If you want to eat out, then have lunch instead of dinner; it’s cheaper

  1. Travel outside of tourist season
  2. Don’t buy souvenirs, take photos instead
  3. Ask locals about which attractions are actually worth seeing
  4. Buy a city pass and get into a lot of attraction for free
  5. Visit free galleries and museums, and take part in free walking tours
  6. Research sights beforehand to see if they offer free days or discounts
  7. Don’t book in advance, the more flexible your plan the better

  1. Volunteer/Work for a charity
  2. Take part in an exchange program
  3. Teach English abroad, become an au pair, or consider dog sitting
  4. Budget your money before you go and stick to it ruthlessly
  5. Work in hostels in return for board
  6. Use apps to call/text friends and animals
  7. Withdraw money from ATMs instead of facing exchange rates

And if all else fails, here’s how to holiday at home!

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