5/5 Star

All of my 5/5 star book reviews for the best novels that I have ever read!

Matchmaking, Pride & Misunderstandings
the hobbit
Coming-of-age, Heroism & Friendship
Storm Front
Murder, Magic & Mystery
Dragons, Magic & Good vs. Evil
Carry On
Magic, Morality & LGBT+ Love
Good Omens
The Apocalypse, Prophecies & Ineffable Plans
The Tenant of Wildfell Hall
Feminism, Courage & Family
The Princess Bride
Sword Fights, Revenge & True Love
The Last Wish
Mutants, Sorcerers & the Law of Surprise
Revolution, Feminism & Friendship
Mistborn: The Final Empire
Rebellion, Magic & Found Family
Heists, Conspiracies & One-Sixth-Gravity
the martian
Astronauts, Sarcasm & Duct Tape

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