3/5 Star

All of my 3/5 star book reviews for novels that arenโ€™t brilliant, but still worth the read!

Casino Royale
Gambling, Russian Spies & Betrayal
Good vs. Evil, Magic & Books
Animal Farm
Communism, Betrayal & Corruption
Big Brother, Identity & Loyalty
wuthering heights
Gothic Love, Rebellion & Insanity
Secrets of Camp Whatever Vol. 1
Strange Fog, Mysterious Creatures & Bigfoot
A Christmas Carol
Regret, Hope & the Meaning of Christmas
Great Expectations
Love, Mystery & Coming-of-Age
Jane Eyre
Gothic Love, Mystery & Morality
The Colour of Magic
Wizards, Barbarians & Clueless Tourists
Skipping Christmas
Mix-ups, Nosy Neighbours & Rebellion
The Fellowship of the Ring
Bravery, Friendship & Good vs. Evil
Bridgerton: The Duke & I
Scandal, Affairs & Gossip Columns
Live and Let Die
Shark Attacks, Voodoo Rituals & Murder
The Beautiful and the Damned
Idleness, Indulgence & Indolence

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