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It’s often the first question asked when deciding to go on holiday. Do I want to book a hotel? Or stay in an Airbnb. For some families, this is an easy choice, but for others, not so much. Hotel vs Airbnb; want to figure out which option is best for you? Then read ahead!



  • Hotels are traditionally more expensive, depending on the star rating and facilities offered. However this changes per location, and is worth researching before choosing elsewhere.


  • Usually cheaper than hotels and with more facilities included such as a utility room, kitchen, and multiple bedrooms and bathrooms. Airbnb’s can be more expensive, but are usually worth the extra expense.



  • They usually have far better security and multiple CCTV cameras onsite. Some hotels have security guards and trained staff to deal with emergencies.


  • Airbnbs have a lot less security than hotels, and many landlords have little or no safe measures in place. If an emergency happens, you’re on your own.



  • Although the majority of hotels have wifi available for guests, it usually comes at an extra price. As well as this, there are far more people online at the same time which can reduce internet speed.


  • A lot of Airbnb’s have wifi included, depending on location. This internet is quicker and safer than hotel wifi. It also has limited users which increases the possibilites e.g. Streaming tv shows



  • Hotels provide the options of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s convenient to return to your room and not have a cook a meal. There’s often a mini-bar available, and room service is just a phone call away, no matter what the hour.


  • Airbnb’s mean no provided meals. You must either eat in a resturant, or cook your own food. However, this is doable with your own private kitchen, and often a better option for families with allergies or dietry requirements.



  • It’s no suprise that hotels can get loud. That many people under one roof is bound to result in high noise levels. The more expensive the hotel, the less this is a problem, of course, but you shouldn’t have to sacrifice cost for privacy.


  • Depending on the location of the Airbnb, noise levels tend to be quite low. There is often more privacy as well, as you’re staying in an actual hourse or apartment rather than a single room in a large building.



  • Hotels are often located at the heart of a city. For those who love touristy destinations, high class restuarants, and an eventful nightlife, this is the ideal situation. For those who prefer quiet rustic landscapes, maybe not.


  • Airbnb’s on the other hand, are usually situated outside of the main touristy areas. This makes them cheaper and quieter at the expensive of city life. However, most are also located near bus/train stations makes travel to these areas quick and easy.

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