10 Travel Items You DON’T Need

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Here are ten travel items that you DON’T need to bring with you on your holidays. Find out how to pack the right way, both to save space and money!

1. Money Belt

Nothing screams “I’m a tourist” louder than a money belt. Even the hidden packs are visible under most clothes, and there’s no subtle way to withdraw money from them either. It attracts thieves and pickpockets, and by having one, you’re just asking for trouble. So do yourself a favour and leave the money belt at home, because chances are, nothing good will come from wearing it.

2. Suitcase Lock

Asides from the danger of losing the key and accidentally locking yourself out of your own suitcase, these mini padlocks cause a lot of other trouble too. Some countries don’t allow them and will actually cut the metal bolt off before your suitcase is allowed into the airports. As well as that, locking your suitcase makes people think you have something valuable to hide, which again, just draws unfavourable attention to yourself.

3. Camera

Unless you’re a professional photographer, leave the huge chunky camera at home. They’re fragile and heavy and come with enough gadgets and spare parts to fill a suitcase by themselves. If you must, choose a slimmer camera, but nearly every phone today has a built-in camera anyway, and some of those are of even higher quality than actual cameras. You can still take Instagram-worthy pictures with a phone, and since you’re more likely to have it with you, why not use it?

4. Sun Hat

These are large and breakable and take up much-needed space. Sun hats are usually made from a fine woven material that will almost certainly get damaged in your suitcase. By leaving it at home, not only will you free up a lot of space in your bags, but it also gives you an excuse to purchase a touristy hat at your destination. If you absolutely must bring it along, then pack it carefully. Pack your heavier clothes at the bottom of the suitcase, stuff the sun hat with socks and shirts, and then place it on top. This will at least protect your hat from a lot of damage.

5. Toiletries & Towels

The majority of hotels provide towels and essential toiletries for you, and most Airbnb’s do too. Carrying liquids such as shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel take up space and can potentially destroy your clothes if one of the bottles leaks. Toiletries and towels are also super easy to find in stores, no matter what country you’re visiting, and buying them abroad usually works out cheaper anyway. So do yourself, and that fancy blouse of yours a favour, and don’t pack potential chemical spills.

6. Hair Dryer

Hairdryers, straighteners, and curling irons are not essential in any part of the world and can cause more trouble than they’re worth. Weight and bulk asides, you may also have to deal with different socket types. Use the wrong adaptor or voltage, and things will get explosive. The majority of hotels and Airbnb’s provide hair dryers for their guests, and unless you plan on attending five-star restaurants for dinner every night, you can get away without curling your hair.

7. Books

My inner bookworm is screaming at me even as I type this, but you do not need to bring more than one book while travelling. I’m sure we’ve all made the same mistake of thinking “well, I’m on holiday now, so I’ll have plenty of time to read”. The truth is, no you don’t. You go abroad to explore a new country, to see a new way of life, and to taste different food. Chances are, you’ll be up early and back late every day, and rightly so. One book is more than enough, and unless you’re planning to travel longer than a month, leave it at that. Worst case scenario, you get to visit a foreign bookstore.

8. Jackets & Coats

Jackets and coats take up a lot of space in a suitcase and are usually not even needed. A light raincoat is more than enough for summer showers, depending on where you’re planning to go. Likewise with jackets; bring one or two that match the rest of your clothes, and leave it at that. There’s nothing worse than lugging around a heavy winter coat in the blistering sun all because your inner-mom-voice said “just in case”. Look up the weather ahead of time, and plan accordingly. Chances are, you won’t even need a jacket anyway.

9. Expensive Jewellery

Don’t ever bring expensive jewellery with you on holiday. It could be stolen from your suitcase, from your backpack, or your hotel room. It could get damaged or lost. If it has any sentimental value attached to it at all, then leave it safe at home. Don’t ruin your vacation by worrying about priceless earrings or getting upset over losing your grandmother’s necklace. It’s not worth the risk.

10. Shoes

Wear a pair going, and put a pair in your suitcase. Choose your shoes carefully before packing, and make sure that they’re comfortable and versatile. The last thing you need is blistered feet because you thought those new high heels would look great with that dress. If you are going to be attending formal events, then, by all means, pack what’s needed, but otherwise, stick to the sneakers.

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Conor · 3 September 2020 at 6:19 PM

Bring empty small containers. You can top up on samples in bathrooms as you go. My partner does this. Lol. Lovely lotions n potions in five star hotel toilets.

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