75 Staycation Ideas

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Staycation: A holiday that you take at home or near your home rather than travelling to another place

Cambridge Dictionary

It’s no surprise that travelling is the least of everyone’s concerns in the middle of this global pandemic, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t have fun! Here’s a list of 75 staycation ideas for the entire family to do at home to make your vacation the best staycation yet!

Ideas to be Creative
  1. Read
    • That book you’ve always wanted to read e.g. David Copperfield, Don Quixote, Anna Karenina
    • Famous must-read classics e.g. Wuthering Heights, 1984, The Great Gatsby
    • Reread old favourites e.g. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  2. Art
    • Draw e.g. Self-Portraits, animals, places
    • Paint e.g. Flowers, oceans, fruit
    • Knit/Sow e.g. Scarf, cuddly toy, blanket
  3. Cook
    • Bake e.g. Cake, biscuits, cupcakes
    • Cook something new e.g. Stir fry, pasta, soup
    • Try making that coffee you always buy e.g. Iced macchiato, frappuccino, mocha
  4. List everything you want to do when quarantine is over
    • Visit relatives you haven’t seen in awhile e.g. Grandparents, cousins, aunts/uncles
    • Go out for a meal e.g. Favourite café, fancy restaurant, fast food place
    • Go somewhere with friends e.g. Museum, gallery, park
  5. Plan the dream vacation
    • A trip to the local beach
    • Explore a different part of the country
    • Go abroad to a new exotic place you’ve never been before

Ideas for Relaxing
  1. Movie & TV Shows
    • Marathon old favourites e.g. Doctor Who, Star Trek, Harry Potter
    • Watch classical films e.g. Casablanca, Citizen Kane, The Godfather
    • Start a new show e.g. Sherlock, Suits, Hannibal
  2. Music
    • ASMR
    • Classical
    • White noise
  3. Candles
    • Light scented candles
    • Make your own
    • Decorate jars
  4. Spa day
    • Hot shower
    • Face masks
    • Bath bombs
  5. Journal
    • Diary
    • Dreams
    • Habit/Mood tracker

Ideas for Outside
  1. Explore
    • Your own garden
    • Local park/forest
    • Village/Street/City
  2. Picnic
    • Have lunch outside
    • Pack a basket and go somewhere new
    • Have a barbecue
  3. Go camping
    • Set up a tent in your backyard
    • Build a blanket fort
    • If you have no garden, build one inside
  4. Garden
    • Plant fruit or vegetables
    • Grow flowers
    • Indoor herbs
  5. Watch the sky
    • Get up early and watch the sunrise
    • Count the clouds or the stars
    • Stay up late to watch the sunset

Ideas for the Family
  1. Game night
    • Board games
    • Computer games
    • Card games
  2. Facetime/Skype family members
    • Chat with grandparents
    • Watch a movie in real-time
    • Games e.g. Truth or dare, charades, would you rather?
  3. Make something
    • Bake cookies
    • Pasta necklaces
    • Macramé balloons
  4. Party
    • Fancy food and drink
    • Dress up in funny costumes
    • Dance and sing
  5. Practice
    • This could be the alphabet or numbers for young children
    • Instruments/Languages for teenagers
    • Learn something new together!

Ideas to be Productive
  1. Learn an instrument
    • Guitar, piano, violin, etc.
    • Learn for free online
    • Find a virtual tutor
  2. Learn a language
    • Improve your native language’s grammar/vocab
    • Learn a language important to your family or friends
    • Use free resources like Duolingo or Quizlet
  3. Skills
    • Udemy, Coursera, and Bitdegree all offer courses
    • Learn something to improve your career e.g. Coding, management, writing
    • Learn something to improve yourself e.g. Communication, fitness, problem solving
  4. Exercise
    • Intensive e.g. Sprinting, Zumba, Pilates
    • Extensive e.g. Yoga, cycling, tennis
    • Go for a walk, meditate, or try simple breathing exercises
  5. Clean the house
    • Tidy up each room
    • Reorganize cabinets
    • Paint the walls and rearrange furniture

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