How to Safely Travel During Covid-19

Travelling is difficult right now, and in some places, it’s even impossible. However, some of us still have to travel, whether for family, work, or prepaid holidays. Here’s how to safely travel during Covid-19!

Entry Requirements

Before planning to travel anywhere, be sure to check your destinations entry requirements. Some countries are still quite lax about their immigration laws, but others have gone into full lockdown. Search for your destination’s government website and be sure to tick all the boxes before going abroad. If you’re staying in your own country, then look up your own government’s website, because chances are, there are in-house laws too.

Socially Distant Accommodation

Although many accommodation businesses such as hotels and Airbnbs are struggling right now, some have learned to adapt to this new worldwide situation. Most hotels now offer contact-less stays, with increased cleaning policies and virtual check-ins. Contact your hotel before your stay to confirm their safety measures, but if at all possible, choose Airbnb or caravans instead.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Airbnb over hotels!

Book in Advance

This doesn’t just mean your accommodation or transport, this also means restaurants, tourist attractions, and swimming pools. A lot of previously public sites are now ticket-only due to covid-19 restrictions, so don’t fall into the trap of arriving without one. If possible, then bring food with you or buy groceries to eat in your home/hotel/airbnb. Check the guidelines for everywhere you want to visit to avoid disappointment.


Try to stay six feet away from everyone you meet, whether it be passing a stranger on the street or your own family members at home. This is especially true when it comes to close-quarter situations, such as queuing in an airport or standing on a bus. If you’re driving by car or caravan, then try to limit your rest stops to reduce contact with others during your trip.


If you have to travel, then try to keep others safe as well as yourself. Wear a mask whenever you leave the house, and especially on public transport. Wash your hands regularly, preferably with hand sanitizer. Try to avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth whenever in public. When you return from your trip, self isolate. You may not have any symptoms of covid-19, but it may still be developing, or you might be a carrier. Protect your family, your friends, and that nice little old lady who lives down the road. Keep to yourself for fourteen days, and if you have any doubts at all, contact a doctor.

Stay Safe

If you don’t need to travel, or if it’s a trip that you can easily put off, then please do so. Always adhere to your own country’s rules and regulations, and don’t put others at risk when it’s not needed. Stay safe and stay at home.

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