Choose the Right Accommodation for You

It’s one of the first things that’s decided on every trip. Where is the best place to stay? Should you choose an expensive but comfortable hotel? Or go back to basics on a campsite? Here’s a quick and efficient list of the most common options to choose the right accommodation for you!


By far the most commonly chosen option, it’s also the most expensive. They’re the perfect option if you’re looking for comfort or convenience, and are ideal if you’re staying abroad for only a few days. Four and five-star hotels often have swimming pools, spas, gyms, bars, and children’s play areas. Lower star ratings have very basic facilities but are often cheaper. Hotels are the best option for weekend getaways or luxury breaks.


While not the cheapest option, Airbnbs are usually the best choice. You get to live in an authentic house or apartment with your own bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It gives you the opportunity to cook your own meals, which is great if you want to save money or have dietary requirements. It’s also the safest option and usually comes with free wifi. They’re often modern and well equipped and some even have laundry facilities. Airbnb is the best option for long vacations.

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Bed & Breakfast

A mix between a hotel and a hostel, this is cheaper than the first but more comfortable than the latter. It comes with your own bedroom, but the bathroom may be private or shared. Breakfast is provided, but other meals are up to you. B&Bs are cosier than hotels and are usually run by locals who with their own culture and language. Depending on the price, this option can be very homey or very basic. It’s a great choice for those who want a quieter place to stay.

House Sitting

By far the most interesting option, this is also a very good way to meet locals. The idea is that you stay in someone else’s house while they’re away to keep an eye on things. This usually means watering the plants, feeding the dog, and ensuring that the house remains safe while the owners are abroad. It’s free and flexible and a great option for those who want to spend a few weeks in one place abroad.


Hostels are cheap, but that comes with its own cost. You’re usually sharing a room with three or four others and this means there is no security. They’re a great way to meet other travellers and make friends, but you’re left to fend for yourself. It is possible to book private rooms, but bathrooms are still shared and no towels or toiletries are available. Some hostels allow you to work for accommodation, which provides you with a free bed, meals, and sometimes even extra cash. They often have 24-hour reception for checking in and out, as well as free wifi.

Couch Surfing

This is the most authentic accommodation possible, as you stay with a local for free. It’s a great way to explore new cultures and even learn a language, but safety and security aren’t guaranteed. You need to be careful when arranging couches to stay on and ensure that your host has genuine reviews. Once you’ve read other people’s reviews and are happy with what they’ve said, then it’s a great option.


This is the most basic accommodation option and also the one closest to nature. It involves staying in tents, huts, or cabins outside. There are very few modern facilities and showers and bathrooms are shared. The security is very low, but it’s one of the cheapest options when staying abroad. It’s a great option if you love the outdoors, want to stay eco-friendly, or just want to plan as simple a trip as possible.

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