Best Books Based On Myths

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Everyone loves a good story, and most of these come from age-old fables passed down from generation to generation. Some authors have even taken them a step further and created much-loved worlds and characters that stick with us even today. So in honour of International Myths and Legends Day, here are the twenty-five best books based on myths!

  1. Asprin, Robert – “Another Fine Myth
  2. Arden, Katherine – “The Bear and The Nightingale
  3. Aston, Brodi – “Everneath
  4. Banks, Anna – “Of Poseidon
  5. Bevis, Kaitlin – “Persephone
  6. Byatt, A. S. – “Ragnarok
  7. Chokshi, Roshani – “The Star-Touched Queen
  8. Estep, Jennifer – “Touch of Frost
  9. Gaiman, Neil – “American Gods
  10. Gaiman, Neil – “Preludes and Nocturnes
  11. Gaiman, Neil – “Norse Mythology
  12. Gillen, Kieron – “The Wicked + The Divine
  13. Harris, Joanne M. – “The Gospel of Loki
  14. Heaney, Seamus – “Beowulf
  15. Homer – “The Odyssey
  16. Miller, Madeline – “Circe
  17. Miller, Madeline – “The Song of Achilles
  18. Milton, John – “Paradise Lost
  19. Pattou, Edith – “North Child
  20. Ovid – “The Metamorphoses
  21. Renault, Mary – “The King Must Die
  22. Riordan, Rick – “The Lightning Thief
  23. Riordan, Rick – “The Lost Hero
  24. Tolkien, J. R. R. – “The Silmarillion
  25. White, T. H. – “The Once and Future King

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