The Cathedral of St.Gallen

The Cathedral of St.Gallen has been the diocese cathedral since the mid-1800s. It’s a Roman Catholic church in the very heart of Switzerland, completed in 1767. It contains frescoes, paintings, and one of the three oldest surviving bells in all of Europe.

The Cathedral of St.Gallen

The Cathedral stands on the same site where an Irish monk, Gallus, built his hermitage. Completed during the 18th century, the land has been used for religious purposes since 612 AD. It offers guided tours for tourists, some of which are even themed on specific dates. Tours are also available for young children and events. If you wish to see the Cathedral yourself, then audio guides are available.

The Pews

The cathedral was designed by Peter Thumb and is subsequently of a Baroque style. There is a beautiful choir screen, decorated with gilded flowers. Behind this screen are the original stalls that the choir monks once used. They’re intricately carved with scenes from St Benedict’s life.

The Ceiling

The ceiling of the Cathedral of St.Gallen is what makes it stand out from most other churches in Switzerland. Most of its frescoes were painted by Josef Wannemacher. The most famous painting depicts paradise and a host of saints surrounding the Holy Trinity.

The Altar

The floor around the altar was renewed in 2013. It’s a floral pattern, representing the garden that God first put man. Behind the altar and beneath the apse lies the crypt of St Gallus, as well as many bishops, abbots and other saints.

Map & Directions


Terrain: The floor of the cathedral is made of flat pacing stones, while the pews rest on a wooden platform.

Bathrooms: The nearest public bathroom is a three-minute walk south-west of the cathedral, located to the left of Gallusplatz.

Restaurants: Multiple cafés and restaurants available on Bankgasse Street behind the cathedral.

Shopping: Multiple stores are located on the streets surrounding the cathedral.

Opening Hours:*

  • The Cathedral of St.Gallen: Mon-Wed, 6am-6.30pm** , Thu-Sat, 7am-6.30pm** , Sun, 7.30am-8.30pm

*as listed Sep, 2020

**open until 7pm during summer months

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