Top Tips for Travelling on a Budget

Travelling is the number one favourite pastime for a lot of us, but it can get terrifyingly expensive. Between accommodation, flights, and sightseeing, the costs build up fast; and that’s before you even get to see anything! So here are my top tips for travelling on a budget to allow you to see the world cheaply!


  1. Choose Airbnb over hotels!
  2. Stay with family or friends abroad
  3. Stay in a hostel or couch surf from place to place
  4. Go camping or stay in a caravan/holiday home
  5. Consider housesitting for someone in a different country


  1. Book cheaper flights!
  2. Pack lightly to save on baggage costs!
  3. Buy a rail pass to travel quickly and cheaply
  4. Use public transport but don’t use taxis
  5. Consider renting a bicycle


  1. Travel outside of tourist season
  2. Make specific plans and stick to them
  3. Buy a city pass and get into a lot of attractions for free
  4. Visit free galleries and museums, and take part in free walking tours
  5. Go to national state parks


  1. Make the most of hostel/hotel meal times
  2. Eat in places off the beaten track; they have better and cheaper food
  3. Go to a supermarket and make your own meals
  4. Bring snacks and light meals with you
  5. Become friends with the locals and eat where they eat


  1. Volunteer/Work for a charity
  2. Take part in an exchange program
  3. Teach English abroad
  4. Work in hostels in return for board
  5. Become an au pair or dog sitter

And if all else fails, here’s how to holiday at home!

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