Top 5 Free Must-Have Apps for Book Lovers

As much as I loathe to admit, paperbacks are a dying breed. But that doesn’t mean we still can’t read! As technology advances, the world is turning to online sites and apps more and more. Here are the top 5 free must-have apps for book lovers!

Reading List
Reading List

This is the most underrated app that I have ever found. It’s an incredibly simple looking and easy to use library. You can keep track of your progress in different books, jot down notes based on what you’re reading, and add them to collections. It also has a super helpful export CSV feature that will allow you to save all your books to Goodreads or other sites.


The social media of books, Goodreads is the perfect place to discover new books. It allows users to keep track of what they’re reading and want to read, rate and write reviews, and even add friends and follow famous authors. Goodreads also offers recommendations based on what you’ve read and allows you to vote in the Goodreads Choice Awards every year.

Net Galley

As an avid reader, Net Galley is a life-saving invention. It allows users to read books not yet released by publishers and authors all over the world. The cost? Just leave a review! Users must review each book they request, but it’s a small price to pay for free novels! Once you download a book you can read it anywhere offline, and even listen to Audiobooks. It’s a great opportunity for those who love reading.


This app should be a requirement for library members everywhere. Borrow audiobooks, ebooks, and even videos from your local library and never again incur late fees. You can access thousands of titles anywhere at any time and even create wish lists or place book orders.


Thanks to Amazon, you no longer need to buy a Paperwhite in order to read Kindle books. This app is available on both mobile and PC and offers most of the same features as Kindles themselves. Read the books you buy on Amazon, explore new titles every day, and even browse comics and magazines.

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