Best Productivity and Organisation Apps for Students

Now that schools and universities are back in session, its time to get out the notebooks and study apps once more. Finding the right apps for you can be a challenge, and finding free and accessible gadgets is even more difficult. So, here’s a comprised list of the best productivity and organisation apps for students!

Google Drive

This is a file storage service provided by Google. It synchronizes across all of your devices and therefore allows you to store and share your files anywhere. It’s great for uploading notes, videos, and images. Google also has its own version of Microsoft Office, including Google Docs (Microsoft Word), Google Sheets (Microsoft Excel), and Google Slides (Microsoft PowerPoint). All of these are free to use and can be stored on Google Drive. As a result, it’s great for taking/saving notes because you’ll never lose them if your device gets damaged since they’re stored online.

Google Drive
Google Drive

My Study Life

This is both an app and a website used to organise classes, exams, and assignments. It allows you to input your timetable, schedule tasks, create to-do lists, and set reminders for tasks, classes and exam. It syncs across all platforms and devices and is accessible even when offline.

This app and website allow you to organize tasks, lists and reminders. It syncs across all your devices and allows you to set multi coloured themes. You can set reminders and keep track of progress and therefore ensure that you never forget a task again.


This is used to manage projects, jot down notes and images, and keep track of tasks and deadlines. You can keep records of various projects and still access them offline. It allows you to collaborate with others and set meetings. It’s also great for assignments and homework as you’re able to tag notes to easily find them later, as well as set reminders for tasks.

Habit List

This app is specifically built to keep track of habits and goals. You can set daily goals, monitor your habits, and stay on track. It sends you motivational messages and has a streak feature in order to encourage you to maintain your goals. You can set default orders for your everyday tasks and even enable reminders to keep up to date with them. There’s a trend graph available as well as a percentage tracker for each day. As a result, it’s great for flexible schedules and tracking goal progress every week.


By far one of my favourite apps, Forest is cute and interactive and helps you focus on what matters. Whenever you want to stay focused, whether for assignments, studying, or even hanging out with friends, you plant a tree. As long as you stay away from your mobile during the time set, your tree will grow. Leave the app halfway through, however, and your tree with wither and die. There are dozens of trees to choose from, both from realistic species to multi-coloured theme-based bushes. With every successful session, you earn coins, which you can use to buy more trees or even use to plant a real-life tree. It’s a great app for procrastinators, but also for anyone who likes the idea of growing their own tiny forest.


This is both an app and a website and the perfect alternative to paper flashcards. It’s a simple learning tool that makes studying easy. The app allows you to learn from other’s flashcards or make your own. It’s great for learning new vocabulary, definitions, and equations as it transforms your flashcards into fun games and activities.

Exam Countdown Lite

This is a free and easy to use app for keeping track of exam dates. It has a daily countdown feature that ensures you stay on top of studying for tests. You can colour code different exams and subjects and organise them based on over 400 different icons. There is also a notes feature which allows you to jot down any memos about your different exams, and you can even share your tests on Facebook and Twitter.


This is a super simple app that allows you to create and study flashcards. It also taps into Quizlet’s database, providing you with almost 10 million decks. You can shuffle the decks by shaking your device, swap which side of the card you study, as well as switch between the decks you want to focus on. It supports both landscape and portrait orientation, allows you to filter decks to find a specific card, and keep track of specific cards by checking them.


This app allows you access any talk with a tap of your finger. TED Talks are known far and wide in the academic community. You can watch any video, receive personal recommendations, and even watch videos offline. It’s an educational app, and perfect to listen to while doing the housework or studying. It even syncs across all your devices so you can pick up right where you left off on any video. Subtitles are available in over 100 different languages and you can switch between light and dark mode with ease. This app great for learning about every topic you can imagine, and then some.

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