25 Packing Tips

Packing is by far one of the most stressful pre-holiday activities. Wouldn’t it be great if you could just jump straight from booking your plane tickets to the vacation itself? Unfortunately, deciding what to pack, and then, more importantly, how you’re going to fit it all in that one tiny suitcase. Here are 25 packing tips to ensure that your adventure gets off to a great start!

  1. Put socks in your shoes to maintain their shape.
  2. Wear your heaviest clothes while travelling to and from your destination.
  3. Secure your cables with binder clips or hair ties.
  4. Put plastic over the opening in your toiletries before twisting the lid back on.
  5. Get a power bank to charge your devices while travelling.
  6. Roll your clothes to save space and reduce wrinkles.
  7. Pack your most valuable jewellery, devices, and important documents in your carry-on/hand luggage.
  8. Don’t forget to bring a universal power adapter, especially when travelling across multiple countries.
  9. A light rain jacket beats an awkward heavy coat any day.
  10. Skip the toiletries and bulky towels, and instead buy them there.
  11. Forget about hairdryers/straighteners; they’re usually provided and chances are you won’t use them anyway.
  12. Before you travel, see if there are laundry facilities where you’re staying/
  13. Put the chain of your necklace through a straw before fastening it again to prevent tangles.
  14. Pack the heaviest items at the bottom of your suitcase to prevent clothes from getting squished.
  15. Store smaller wires such as lightning cables and headphones inside phone cases to protect them.
  16. Keep rings, earrings, and other small items inside a daily medicine organizer.
  17. Bring make-up samples with you instead of regular full-size bottles.
  18. Plan and pack outfits, not random shirts and trousers that don’t match, to reduce the number of clothes you bring with you.
  19. Bring a miniature first aid kit in your backpack.
  20. Pack plastic bags to store dirty laundry in to keep the rest of your clothes clean.
  21. Store fragile or breakable items inside socks.
  22. Wrap a shower cap around the bottom of your shoes to stop mud-covered trainers from destroying your suitcase.
  23. Don’t forget a pen and a small notebook; you never know when you’ll need to write something down, especially if airport car parks are involved.
  24. Keep hair ties and bobby pins in an empty Tictac container.
  25. Put a binder clip over anything sharp or potentially dangerous such as the end of razor blades.

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